Fitness Guru Paul Olima has finally developed this long awaited, comprehensive 8 week guide to building extreme mass and size. The plan has been heavily researched and practiced by Paul himself, who continues to see excellent progress whilst bulking, despite his naturally lean frame. Paul has over 17 years experience working and training in gyms, and he’s finally ready to share his tips, tricks and training secrets with the rest of the world. If you’re serious about building significant muscle mass, becoming stronger and more powerful, and you aren’t sure where to start - then this is the plan for you.


The fitness industry is riddled with contradicting and inaccurate information, with many people finding it increasingly difficult to separate the facts from the bullshit. Paul has developed a clear cut, no nonsense guide which includes example videos to illustrate each exercise, removing any need for uncertainty and frustration whilst transforming your frame. It’s time to get focused and finally achieve the results you’ve been waiting for. Welcome to Mass Academy!


  • The ultimate 8 week training plan for maximum mass and size
  • Researched, developed and practiced by Paul Olima
  • Download and access on all smart devices
  • Over 80 pages of first-class, in depth guidance for every step of your mass building journey
  • Demonstration videos for each exercise to ensure excellent form and safety during all workouts for optimal results
  • Extensive material, from the importance of mobility to the necessary equipment
  • Calorie calculators, food guide and portion advice
  • Guidance on the go-to supplements to maximise your growth
  • Full, detailed training plan split in to 4 sections for each phase, using a variety of lifting techniques
  • Printable training workbook to record personal performance
  • Email support and advice

Mass Academy

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